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Our Services

Protecting you and your family

It’s important to remember that bad things can happen to us all and we should think about protecting our income and livelihoods if the worst should ever happen. The loss of a loved one from the family is bad enough, but when they are a breadwinner, have you thought about the impact on your family budget? It’s not just death you should be thinking about, but loss of earnings because of illness or incapacity too.

We can calculate your needs and review your existing cover to confirm if you have enough to protect the things that matter most.

It’s also important to assess the value of your estate after death and the potential for any Inheritance Tax liability. Unless you make tax efficient arrangements for your estate before your death, your dependants could face a large tax bill before they see any of their inheritance.

Planning for your Retirement

Retirement is something most of us spend our working lives looking forward to and why not, we all deserve to enjoy our senior lives catching up on the things we never had chance to do when we were busy working.

But how can you afford to spend your time in retirement living comfortably and doing all of those things? The state pension probably won’t give the income you need and unless you have been fortunate to be a member of a large employer’s pension scheme you will need to make some plans of your own.

We can help assess your dreams: when you plan to retire and the amount of income you hope to have, then compare that with any existing provision you have in order to offer advice on the kind of pension provision that’s best for you.

Saving and Investing

There may be something special you want to save ahead for eg: children going to University; a special wedding anniversary; perhaps you just want to create a nest egg or make your spare income work harder for you.

It is always sensible to have some money held in a readily accessible account but in the longer term, having too much in a deposit type account isn’t going to help your funds grow faster than inflation.

We can help explain how to develop a savings or investment strategy that’s right for you to balance accessibility with growth potential and make sure that you understand how the various types of savings and investment work. Part of this process involves a discussion about your attitudes to risk and reward so that you are always comfortable with the places your money is invested and how it is performing for you.

Buying Property

Many of us aspire to own our own homes and some look to invest in property to rent out or purchase for business. Unless you have a considerable amount of money at your disposal, you may need to consider a mortgage.

We have access on a daily basis to all of the news and information about mortgage deals from all major lenders. We can help you through the whole process from calculating the amount you can borrow and likely interest rates available through the application process and ensure that you have all of the right protection in place to cover this important purchase.

Protecting your Property and other General Insurance

From car insurance to travel insurance; home buildings and contents cover and small businesses, we have access to most major insurers.

We can help calculate the cover you need and the most cost efficient way to achieve it.

Other General Advice

As part of our review, we always look at important details like:

  • Making sure you have a current will and explain the consequences of dying intestate (without a will)
  • Understanding any potential liabilities you have for Inheritance Tax and how to plan to reduce this burden
  • The advantages and benefits of having trust funds

Please note that Wills and Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.