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Newsletter - Winter 2020

Tone up your finances in 2020
The sandwiched: finding time to thrive
Stay protected in 2020
ATOMIC explosion! Acronyms Take Over Many Investment Concepts
Pension inequality starts at birth
University Challenge of digs and tuition
Work for yourself? make your pension work for you


Newsletter - Autumn 2019

How much do you need to retire comfortably?
Gender protection gap revealed
On your radar - key personal finance tips
Financial lessons for the next generation
Poor Financial Wellbeing impacting employees
What is Infrastructure Investment?
Planning for a Family?
Save to succeed
JISAs gaining in popularity


Newsletter - Summer 2019

Goal based investing explained
Celebrating 20 years of the ISA
Investment jargon made simple
Savings - do you need a nudge?
When will you retire?
Saving £2,880 a year could provide a retirement windfall for your child
Generation X top the pensions savings chart
Huge rise in protection policy take up
Millenials could save £10.5Bn by making a few lifestyle swaps


Outlook - Spring 2019

Review of the past quarter
. Asset class returns
. Asset class scenarios


Newsletter - Spring 2019

Planning your pension in the new world of work
Side Hustles - what are they and why they work
Financial mistakes even the experts can make
Scams update - new warnings issued
Worry for carers without protection policies
"Sandwich generation" facing major challenges
Tax Allowances - use them or lose them
Financial advice for new parents
Middle classes most impacted by Inheritance Tax


Newsletter - Winter 2019

Does your money need a Personal Trainer?
Single adults find it hard to save
Gifting Premium Bonds
lost Pensions could be worth £208bn
Millenials put property before pensions
How to side-step retirement
Self Employed? Prioritise your pension in 2019
Poor health prompts retirement
Make 2019 the year to get the protection you need
Pensions - there's good news
Time to top up your ISA?


Newsletter - Autumn 2018

Is your family financially savvy?
Financial Glossary

A majority of Britons are "Trend Spenders".
One million child trust funds lost but can be traced.
What are the main asset classes?
Pension scam losses jump 70%
Seven out of ten pension savers favour retirement income targets.
More taking out protection policies as health consciousness rises.
Reached your half-century? How to plan for retirement.
Do you struggle with your financial "to do" list?
Women are better savers than men.


Newsletter - Summer 2018

One in ten Britons admit they are are bad with money - how to buck the trend.
Your ISA - lump sum or regular savings?
Average private school fees rise above 17,000 - how to save for your child.
Pensions jargon - busted.
Why you should avoid protection procrastination.
Are millennials saving enough for retirement?
Early retirement could disappear by 2035, so it's time to plan.
Tax-free savings for individuals.


Newsletter - Spring 2018

Five personal finance habits we should all adopt
Almost 5 million people don't have contents insurance - don't be one of them
More than 400m languishing in old pension pots
Two-thirds without life insurance despite health worries
Dividend allowance reduction from April 2018
Over 50s neglect pensions
Teaching your children the value of money


Newsletter - Winter 2018

Could you be an ISA Millionaire?
One in three retirees will have to rely on the state pension
Where will you live in retirement?
Don’t leave your loved ones facing financial ruin.
Do we need targets to help us save more for retirement?
Addressing your personal finance weak spots.


Newsletter - Autumn 2017

Financial Advice leaves people 40,000 better off
Growing concern over car loan debt
Millennials: don’t overlook the benefits of insurance
Pension freedoms – don’t lose out!
A few personal finance facts we all need to know
How employees can unlock ‘free’ pension cash
Plan now for a comfortable retirement


Newsletter - Summer 2017

Why the Self Employed need a pension nudge
Exploring the benefits of saving regularly
What the election result might mean for your money
Parents are more likely to insure their possessions than their health
Be aware, new online scams reported
The 17 million strong "Sandwich Generation"
Remarriage - why you need to renew your will


Newsletter - Post Election 2017

The result is in
Market Reaction
What now?
Keep calm and carry on
The bottom line


Newsletter - Pre Election Statement 2017

Counting down to 08 Jun
Legislation on hold
The State Pension
Volatility in times of uncertainty
European Elections
Home Front Issues


Newsletter - Spring 2017

Savers looking to mix LISAs with Pensions
Does it make sense to combine your pension pots?
The peace of mind that protection policies can provide
Power of Attorney – why numbers are rocketing
Happy 5th Birthday to the Junior ISA
Regrets people have in retirement, and how to avoid them


Newsletter - Winter 2017

Ten ways to change your financial habits in 2017
Breaking up is hard to do– your finances on divorce
Paving the way for A “match fit” UK
No hiding from taxman’s offshore clampdown
Life cover for couples
How your income needs change over time, and how to plan for when they do


Autumn Statement 2016

Growth Outlook
Government Borrowing
Personal Finance
Infrastructure and Innovation Investment
Welfare Payments
Regional Funding
Time to top up your ISA?


Newsletter - Autumn 2016

The Financial Landscape post Brexit
Junior ISA - Cash or Stocks and Shares?
Surviving financially after the death of a loved one
How much will you spend in retirement?
Will Brexit derail financial freedoms?
Annuities - where are we now?


Newsletter - Summer 2016

Mistakes to avoid when planning your Pension
Who makes the financial decisions in your house?
Sophisticated scams are on the increase
Your teenager and personal finance
Life Insurance - keep it simple
Changes to personal taxation


Newsletter - Spring 2016

Baby Boomers v Millenials - who fares best?
Budget Update
World Stock markets - seperating drama from data
Inheriting an ISA Allowance from your spouse
Income needs in retirement
Every day is Father's Day
State Pension - confused? You're not alone


Newsletter - Winter 2016

New Year, New you?
Financial settlements on divorce
Planning ahead - retirement realities
Don't give too much money away
The price of being a homemaker
The new pension rules - FAQs


Newsletter - Autumn 2015

Life Assurance - an ongoing need for cover?
Wills - don't leave things to chance
How good is your financial IQ?
Volatility - what it means for Investors
The cost of kitting out the kids
Pension Planning - what you need to know


Newsletter - Summer 2015

Summer Budget Highlights
Keep calm - but think about your pension
Financing your first mortgage
To CTF or JISA, that is the question
Keeping it in the family - passing your pension on
Protecting your family
The future for annuinities


Newsletter - Winter 2015

NISA to know
Income Protection - FAQs
The new Pensions era
Spare your heirs from IHT
How to reduce your financial fear and plan ahead
Mortgage Market Momentum


Newsletter - Autumn Statement

The last Autumn Statement before the General Election
Going up
Kids go free
Business Matters
Full Steam Ahead

Newsletter - Autumn 2014
Are you due a financial MOT?
Don't die "Intestate"
NISAs - nice and simple does it
Is it worth marrying for money?
Downsizing in retirement - is less more?
The MMR stress test - are mortgages under pressure?
Newsletter - Pension Changes
A guide to the Pension changes due in April 2015
Newsletter - Summer 2014
Why it could be time to review your financial plan.
A foot up - how families can meet housing market challenges
Going up? Is an increase to the Bank of England base rate getting closer?
All change - new ISA rules came into effect in July
Take cover - protecting loved ones is about more than just Life Assurance.
2014 - 15 Tax Guide
Budget Summary - March 2014
Newsletter - Winter 2014
How will your Garden grow? Planning for the Future.
Tax brreaks for all generations.
School fees homework brings results.
Sleep easier with the right cover.
A toehold on the ladder.

Newsletter - Autumn 2013
Planning on leaving your money to the Taxman?
Who needs Life Insurance?
Is it ever too late to start a Pension?
Who cares?
Mortgage funds flow as market picks up

Newsletter - Summer 2013
Families' futures always at risk.
Variety returns to mortgage market.
ISAs in short trousers.
Keep watch on the financial calendar.
You've paid your money, now take your choice.

Newsletter - Spring 2013
Tax Year 2013 is upon us.
Some Homes are just different.
How ISAs help build wealth.
Flat Rate State Pension call to action.
Housing Market has bright spots.
Families deserve protection


Newsletter - New Year 2013
Change and Opportunity in 2013.
Taxman waits at the Pearly Gates.
Tax breaks too good to ignore.
All homes at risk.
Question "What if....?"; Answer "Protection"